Our school year season of dance classes and acro classes started back up at the beginning of August and we are SO excited to meet and greet our new dancers and their families! We have some tips and tricks for you to get the Red Door Dance season off to a great start!

  1. Get Motivated
    Make a list of goals for your dance year. Maybe this year you are ready to focus on your flexibility or the height of your jumps. Maybe you want to work on picking up new choreography faster or you want to improve your turnout. Making a list of your specific goals is a great way to stay motivated to reach your goals. 
  2. Get Organized
    We know school just started and along with dance many school activities are also in full swing. Get a calendar or a planner to keep track of all your commitments, homework assignments and class times. Find the Red Door full year calendar with important dates on our website here.
  3.  Get Prepared
    Be sure to check out the dress code for each of your classes (can be found here) and practice those bun making skills! We have bun tutorials as well (HERE) if you need some help in this area. Look your best when you come to class!
  4. Get Inspired
    At Red Door Dance Academy Texarkana our goal is to get our dancers and the community inspiRED! Find your own inspiration! Watch some dance videos, get together with some dance friends or browse for cool dance pictures. We can’t wait for YOU to come inspire US!


Happy Dancing,