We Offer a Variety of Age & Skill Levels

Shining Stars Program


Join our Star Track!

Enroll your dancer in more than one class per week to be a part of our STAR TRACK! These dancers see progress in their dancing much sooner and will have more opportunities to practice their skills in order to fully master the steps of the class or diversify their dancing by enrolling in two different styles (for example: Combo I and Mini Jazz Class)


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These age-appropriate classes are designed to introduce the world of movement to ages 12 months old to around 7 years old. The primary focus of these classes is to foster a love of dance, learning, self-expression & imagination.

Move With Me (AGES 12-24 mo.)

PARENT PARTICIPATION CLASS This class is designed to introduce the world of movement and expression for our youngest dancers ages 12-24 months. Move with Me provides the opportunity for little ones to interact with their peers, be introduced to class structure, coordination exercises, and rhythm through a safe and special experience with mommy, daddy or caregiver. This class is all about the movement and fun and will not participate at the end of year recital. *This class has NO REGISTRATION FEES and you can enroll anytime throughout the year.

Ballet Tots (Ages 2-3)

This class playfully introduces the basic positions and movements of ballet as well as creative movement and working on gross motor skills using music, games, creative imagery, and stories. Introduce the world of music and movement to your little one! This class does not participate in the end of year recital.

Pre-Ballet (Ages 3-4)

This class introduces children to ballet, creative movement & NEW THIS YEAR- a brief introduction to tap. The primary goal is to foster a love for movement and build self confidence. Our young dancers will learn independence, learn to interact with their peers and practice following direction. The dance steps learned in this class will teach students the basics of ballet and prepare them for more advanced dance classes. Dancers will work on tap and ballet in class, but will only perform a ballet dance in the recital.

Mini Acro (Ages 4-6)

This class introduces students to Acrobatic Arts, a professional curriculum for acrobatic dance. Learn the primary level skills that include flexibility, strength, balancing, limbering, and tumbling–a wonderful beginning to becoming an advanced acrobat!

Mini Hip Hop (Ages 4-6)

This class is an introduction to hip hop for young dancers. Hip hop requires quick, intricate movements combined with control. This is a fun, high energy class using well known music that dancers are sure to love. All dance moves and music are always age appropriate.

Mini Jazz (Ages 4-6)

This class in an introduction to the fundamentals of jazz dancing. Work on flexibility, rhythm, and choreography in this upbeat class with fun and popular (age appropriate) music!

COMBO I (AGES 4.5-5.5) & COMBO II (AGES 5.5-6.5)

These classes combine ballet and tap to give students a well rounded dance education. Combo I & Combo II differ only in the degree of difficulty. Combo II moves at a slightly quicker pace and introduces more advanced steps that build on steps learned in Combo I. In the ballet portion of both classes students will review basic positions and steps and begin to increase in difficulty. In the tap portion of this class students will learn rhythm and work on the intricate steps found in tap. They will learn to combine steps together to make tap sequences.

Pre-Primary (Ages 7-9)

Along with ballet and tap, students are now introduced to jazz dance. Dancers will learn the basics of this new technique, work on their center and placement, and learn to interpret music with control and fluidity. Jazz uses fundamentals of ballet for proper technique while using exciting music and fresh moves. The ballet and tap portions of this class will continue to increase in difficulty and begin to put an emphasis on performance quality.

Pre-Company I (AGES 5+)

Red Door Dance Academy’s Company InspiRED provides a competitive program for young dancers who love the stage! Pre-requisites include enrollment in Combo I, Combo II, or Pre-Primary AND an additional technique class Mini Acro or Mini Jazz. Pre-Company I meets twice a week to perfect technical skills and TWO pieces of choreography throughout the year. These dances are showcased at recital.