We Offer a Variety of Age & Skill Levels

Leveled Program


Join Our Star Track!

NEW- Join our Star Track! Enroll your dancer in more than one class per week to be a part of our STAR TRACK! These dancers see progress in their dancing much sooner and will have more opportunities to practice their skills in order to fully master the steps of the class or diversify their dancing by enrolling in two different styles (for example: Dancers will benefit from two ballet classes per week as ballet is the foundation of all dance. Dancers will also benefit from enrolling in two complementary styles such as Ballet I and Jazz I).


Explore Leveled Programs

Our classes by level focus on technique, self-expression & performance within the joy of a disciplined yet encouraging learning environment. These classes are based on the dancer’s level and ability, rather than the dancer’s age. It is standard for dancers to spend about three years in each level.


For the dancer who desires to become more well rounded and takes at minimum one Ballet class per week.

Acrobatic Arts Certified

Acrobatic Arts runs training and certification courses for dance teachers in the art of AcroDance. The program is based on safe and effective progressions with proven results in five divisions of AcroDance: Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering and Tumbling. Learn more about our certification at https://www.acrobaticarts.com


At Red Door Dance Academy students will learn classical ballet techniques and terminology. Each class includes barre exercises, center floor work, and across-the-floor combinations. The ballet curriculum is based on a combination of methods to ensure a well rounded dancer that can be successful in a multitude of ballet classes. Musicality is emphasized along with balance, coordination and grace through the strengthening of the body core. As students progress through each level the technique will become increasingly more complex and intricate.


Contemporary is a combination of dance techniques that also expresses personal emotion and passion from within the dancer. It is a blend of many dance styles including jazz, ballet, lyrical and modern. This unique style allows dancers to use their jazz skills in a new and exciting way. All dancers enrolled in Contemporary are strongly encouraged to take a ballet class as well as it is vital to have the ballet technique to support this style.

Hip Hop

Hip hop is a fun, high energy dance style that is found all over pop culture today. These dance moves will teach coordination, strength, quickness and agility. Dancers will move to well known music, learn fun dance steps and get a workout in this class! All dance moves and music are always age appropriate.*Placement will be based on ability and past experience rather than age.


Jazz is a very popular dance form. Its movements are big, exaggerated and there is typically an attitude the dancer wants to convey to the audience. Increase flexibility, strength, coordination and improve on your dance technique in this class. A variety of jazz styles will be explored including: contemporary jazz, lyrical, jazz funk, classic jazz and more.
*Placement will be based on ability and past experience rather than age.

Leaps & Turns

Similar to a jazz class, but focusing on primarily leaps across the floor and all kinds of turns. Add some fun new skills to your repertoire with this class. We strongly encourage dancers in leaps and turns to also take jazz and/or ballet to get the full benefits of all technique as this class will focus on the “tricks” aspect. This is a great addition to a dancer’s class schedule as well as very beneficial for those in drill team or other activities that require these skills. Currently all levels are combined in this class, but dancers must have previous dance experience to enroll in Leaps & Turns. This class does not perform in recital.

Pre-Company II (AGES 10+)

For students 10+ that are interested in joining RDDA’s Company InspiRED. Pre-requisites include enrollment in Level I or Level II Ballet and an additional Level I or Level II technique class in Tap or Jazz. Pre-Company II meets twice a week to perfect technical skills and TWO pieces of choreography throughout the year. These dances are showcased at recital and possibly performed at other community events.


Tap dance is a fun style where dancers make sounds and rhythms with their shoes. This lively rhythmic tapping makes the performer not just a dancer, but also a percussive musician. Dancers will learn popular tap steps, syncopation, intricate footwork and learn to create and recognize different rhythms.*Placement will be based on ability and past experience rather than age.

Level I

For the student moving up from Young Dancer Program class curriculum and ready for more focus in each style. This level is also appropriate for ages 8+ with little to no dance experience or who have not yet mastered the basics. Our ballet classes are divided into Level IA and Level IB. Level IA is our most beginner ballet class for ages 7+ while Level IB is for the dancer that is still considered a beginner, but does not need to learn all the basic positions of the feet, arms and body. Progressing to Level IB will allow dancers to pick up right where they need to when they start a new school year without too much review.

Level II

For the student who has mastered all the basics learned in Level I and is ready to move to a higher level of difficulty.

Level III

For the student who has demonstrated high level of proficiency in Level II and is ready for more intricate choreography and can perfect details of more complicated steps.

Level IV

For the student who has demonstrated a high level of proficiency in Level III with a significant amount of dance background and is dancing at minimum four hours per week.