Purchase Dancewear

Our online store gives our studio parents the convenience of an online purchasing experience with zero hassle!


It is important for your student’s growth as a dancer that they come to class prepared to learn.  An important part of that preparation includes wearing the appropriate dress code items.

Our front desk staff are happy to size your dancer for dance wear items during our normal business hours. Try on at the studio then order online! Items that are in stock will ship to your home address the following business day (think of it as Amazon Prime for dance wear)! *Please note- dance shoes are not usually the same as street shoe size. For example, our Shining Stars ballet shoes tend to run 2-3 sizes smaller than street shoes. Please try on our sizing shoes at the studio before ordering if you have not ordered with us before!

Dress code is encouraged for summer, but will be required when classes start in August. If your dancer has other shoes that are not our dress code shoes, they may wear them during the school year but will be required to purchase new ones for recital!